How To Stimulate The G-Spot

how to stimulate the g-spot

Sex is fun and the ladies love the pleasures they get from it. However, mastering a woman’s g-spot and learning some few female orgasm techniques and how to stimulate the g-spot to give any woman an intense orgasm is a powerful and rewarding skill you can ever learn as a man.

Learning how to stimulate the g-spot and giving a woman a wild screaming orgasm can make her fall madly and deeply in love with you and she will become sexually addicted to you. With these female orgasm techniques, you will be able to give any woman an explosive G-spot orgasm that will make her squirt like crazy and it will build your confidence and transform her into your “dirty slut” and make her hungry to fulfill all of your wildest fantasies.

But why is that there are so many men absolutely uninformed or clueless about these female orgasm techniques and how to stimulate the g-spot and give a woman such a high level of body shivering orgasm?

Simply put, it is probably because they have never been taught these female orgasm techniques.

Most men are not fully aware that a woman’s vagina is in actual fact quite complex and it takes a lot on their part to get a woman to achieve an orgasm.

In this article, we are going to focus on how to stimulate the g-spot with the use of the finger. You also need to understand that once your woman is able to achieve a g-spot orgasm from using your finger, she will also be able to have multiple orgasms when you penetrate her and start having sexual intercourse.

Given below is how to stimulate the g-spot for amazing orgasms

  1. Do not penetrate her right away. You want to save the goods for later as your chief aim is to build up some massive amounts of anticipation.
  2. When she is relax and comfortable and warmed up, hover around her sensitive areas with a finger and pay attention to her body as an indicator to her reactions.
  3. Make her feel comfortable with you by telling her how it pleases you being able to please her. Talk dirty to her to turn her on faster. Let her know you are absolutely enjoying giving her pleasure. This will allow her to easily “let go” and have an orgasm.
  4. Start stimulating her G Spot using a backwards and forward motion (like saying ‘come here’). Vary it up with shorter slower strokes when you enter her with your finger, but build up momentum and speed things up after some few minutes. Her G-Spot will start to swell up and become more pronounced as she gets closer and closer to climax.
  5. As she experiences an orgasm, the vagina will contract and pulse on your finger, don’t ask her if she had an orgasm because YOU will know when she does.

So this is how to stimulate the g-spot. Though these female orgasm techniques are the basics, it still does the trick. There are more advanced tricks and female orgasm techniques on how to stimulate the g-spot for intense squirting orgasms and I suggest you follow the story on how to stimulate the g-spot and get her to achieve multiple squirting orgasms.

I believe this article has pointed out some useful techniques you can follow to stimulate the g-spot. Got any techniques of your own to share? Share in the comments. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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